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At Calvisions, our goal is to create a video that elicits a maximum response from your intended market. 2016, according to Forbes, is the “Year of Video” as over 500 hours of media will be uploaded to YouTube every minute. Additionally, with over 8 billion daily video views on Facebook and online video accounting for 64% of all internet traffic, along with mobile video and increased cable and satellite channels this precedent will only continue to rise. Therefore, your video has to stand out from the competition. Whether your video is a commercial, a live event or an industrial video, it has to hit the mark in order to rise above the rest. The proof that a video is effective is the response to it. The action taken could be as simple as a prospect calling, a laugh,  a like on your Facebook page, a YouTube subscription or increased store traffic. The key is that the video moves a person either emotionally or intellectually to action. Formed in 2014 with this purpose in mind, Calvisions has a combined 2 generations of experience with video production giving us a unique insight in conceiving the proper approach with our clients, shooting, editing and delivering your message with dynamic results. The next step is to determine what avenues of delivery best suit your product, service or demographic market. It could be broadcast television, cable, the internet, email or a DVD to name a few. In this era, making a video is easy but making a video with the right look and message to create an impact is an art. We would like to bring our talented staff together to make your next video a memorable one.


Butch McGuire's

Butch Mcguire borrowed a little money from his mother and opened his "world famous" saloon in 1961. The legendary bar corridor of Rush and Division was born. Butch had the perfect hang-out for local gold coast and old town singles, most of whom happened to be his friends. In fact, through cocktails and conversation, it is believed that over 10,000 marriages have resulted from encounters throughout the decades