About Last Night! Shhhh it's a secret!


What if there existed a place that offered professional information that was based on actual business opportunities? What if we could take allthat genuine knowledge we personally have and actually put it to really good use?

What I’m talking about is the core of Linked N Chicago, a community of nearly 100,000 like-minded business professionals who find reward in assisting each other.   Imagine the brainpower and what we could accomplish.  Linked N Chicago holds monthly events around the city and sometimes the suburbs.

We held another great event at John Barleycorn, 149 W Kinzie, Chicago Illinois, 60654.  The food, the staff and the venue deserve a 5 star rating. 

Although I didn’t meet as many people as I’d have liked to –  I did get a chance to find out a bit more what some of the attendees are looking for.  And that is precisely what I want to know!

Sarah Marotta works as an Events Sales Manager at 10pin.  She’s super friendly, nice and well-travelled.  She’s someone you’d want to meet personally and if you have a corporate event coming up you might want to give her a call. 

Tom Federowski PMP, MBA, CMAP recently moved back to Chicago from Washington DC.  He has a great deal of experience working with the Federal Government as a Project Manager.   If you need someone with that skillset check out Tom!  He’s looking for an opportunity in Chicago.

Khristian Tisdale currently works for Crown Castle and is a specialist in Alternate Site Development in Telecommunications.  See those antennas on the top of Willis Tower? He knows all about those and knows how to reduce all the associated costs.  He’s interested in meeting building owners, carriers, real estate contract/acquisition/building owners, property managers, Board of Directors, commercial real estate professionals and more.

Gary Rihani has a great skillset in Finance.  He’d like to develop his sales skills – so is looking to partner with a sales guru to show him the ropes

Amy Walsh says once a journalist, always a journalist. She loves getting the story behind the story and helping others connect the dots. She’s a content creator, writer/editor and communications leader with Fortune 50 experience in consumer products, consulting, law, insurance and media. She’s a team player (basketball, anyone?).  I’m hoping Amy will become a blog writer on https://www.linchicago.com/blog/index.php. 

Paul Anderson was super interesting to meet.  He actually wanted to meet me and see our group in action.  He’s helped over 16,000 professionals make a quick and effective career transition–mostly to organizations they could get excited about.
In the Seattle area, his team assists clients through career transition workshops and executive career coaching. His curriculum was developed from the ground up, borrowing from the neurosciences, social psychology, cognitive psychology, relationship selling, strategic selling, solution selling, and customer-oriented marketing. He also holds business networking events and we’re going to collaborate on best practices! 

Carl Zuhl is a Strategy Consultant at Business Models Inc. and serves on the board of directors for AITP (Association of IT Professionals) Chicago.  He’s looking to find companies and individuals to help show them how to create, deliver and capture business value.  His company, will soon be holding an event at DIRTT. 

Steve Arango is what we call a “connector” for Linked N Chicago and has been with us from the beginning.  Connectors help ensure that our guests at the LiNC LIVE events are meeting people.  He’s interested in educating individuals and companies about the many benefits of hiring veterans.  I support Steve and don’t think you can meet a more genuine person. 

Tim Lively is a Conflicts Analyst.   He manages department operations with colleagues in a shared leadership role to perform duties including chairing meetings, conceptualizing and presenting innovative new policies and procedures for increased efficiency, heading database management, training new employees, devising analysis techniques and methodology, and enhancing existing department methodologies to achieve firm productivity, quality, and financial objectives
He plays a significant role in creating and modifying language of conflicts analysis reports to ensure optimal clarity, concision, and content communication as well creating a standard departmental brand and product.  I am also hoping that Tim will be a regular content contributor to our blog on https://www.linchicago.com/blog/index.php

Allie Newmark (account executive events) and Theresa Altgilbers (director events) work at Park West.  When you meet these two, you understand why Park West does such a fantastic business!  If you’re looking to hold a grand eventin Chicago, you really should check them out!

David Herbes is the Vice President of Business Development at MotherG.  He provides leadership for internal and external business development lead generation, product marketing, and pipeline management for MotherG, an IT managed services provider.  You need to check out MotherG!

Mike Davis  is a Franchise Area Director interested in Franchise Development, Marketing, B2B, B2C, | Recruitment, Sales, Support and Trade Shows.  He has a passion for connecting individuals to franchising opportunities.  Are you considering going down that path?  He can help!

Mike Maginity is also a “connector” at LiNC LIVE Events.  He recently started working for ThreeBridge.  ThreeBridge Solutions delivers creative, high-caliber management consulting capabilities to both mid-tier and Fortune 500 companies. They help clients balance People, Process, and Technology to deliver successful projects and programs. They employ high caliber consultants who share a common sense approach, solid work ethic, and the ability to provide thought leadership to our clients. If you are interested in joining a growing company with a balanced set of goals and objectives and a high-performance history - give him a call.

Jeff Walker is the founder of Content Carnivores.  Content Carnivores is a cloud-based, mobile-first, big data company that builds technology products that solve common marketing problems. Problem #1: How to efficiently find, publish and analyze content for my network. Problem #2: How do you use the intelligence from your networks to drive marketing decisions--and execute efficiently. Problem #3: How do you use what you found and created in order to drive real business outcomes.

Rhonda Clayborn is a senior marketing professional with experience in developing and executing digital, brand, industry, product and marketing communication strategies for both B2B and B2C organizations. She just recently moved to Chicago and is looking forward to increasing her network and finding a great new opportunity.

Terry Thierney is a Senior Project Manager at Exequity.  Terry is also a “connector” at LiNC LIVE Events.  Terry is a project leader in industry and federal government for enterprise applications. Terry has led PMO resource allocation programs for a portfolio of 100+ projects. He’s also a senior member of Veterans2Ventures program at the University of Illinois and founder of a weekly radio program, Job Talk, offering career and entrepreneurial advice.  Terry is interested in meeting individuals and companies who have successfully launched a start-up in Illinois. 

Join us at a LiNC LIVE event and spend more time with people who like you! 

All the best to you,