Hit the Easy Button for your next blog post

5 tips for Non-Writers

  • Find the optimum length for a blog post.  

Contrary to popular belief, people do have attention spans of more than 5 seconds when reading for information.  Be sure to include a catchy headline to invite people in and stay a while to read.  Longer blogs get more likes, shares and comments than shorter posts, with the maximum length running to about 1200 words.  Just be sure to keep it on topic and delete any meandering thoughts.

  • Break down the longer paragraphs into manageable chunks.  

This goes against the classic writing style of literary giants, but aim for a readable blog post, not “War and Peace”.  The digital format of a blog piece requires regular white space.  The eye will automatically be drawn to the white space in between the paragraphs which helps keep the reader moving along.  If you can manage at least 3-5 sentences per paragraph, you’re on the right track.

  • Bolded headers help you cheat.

Combined with the point above, using separated headers in boldface type is a favorite trick of weary writers to force them to stay on topic within a paragraph.  It can also be used to highlight a change in subject. Test it out on your next blog post.  If the sentence doesn’t support the header, you either don’t need it or you need to add a fresh paragraph to include it.

  • Let the clouds re-shape your ideas.

When we were kids, seeing fanciful shapes in the clouds was a fun past time.  Similarly, when writers get stuck on a topic, it can help to back off of it for a moment to try to see it from a different perspective.  Let’s say you’re writing a blog on interest rates and but you can’t find an angle to tie it into your investment field.  If you back off the idea and look at it from a school teacher’s point of view or perhaps an empty nester’s bank account, then it might flow into different ideas to help angle your thought processes.

  • Final Masterpiece Syndrome is real.

This writing syndrome occurs when you feel as though you have reached the pinnacle of writing success, because every line is perfect, every thought is brilliant, and you’ve just hit “publish” on your masterpiece to present it to the world.  It’s finally finished!  It truly feels wonderful as it is the best article or blog you’ve ever written, and now you’re completely wiped out.  Now you feel as though you’ll never have another great thought again in your head.  

For some folks, this feeling goes away with the next book they read that inspires them.  For others, perhaps they’ll find a fascinating seminar, a YouTube video or lively discussion with a colleague to share on their blog.  It may take longer for some people to find a new idea to write about, but it will happen.  You’re not out of thoughts, words or ideas.  Just keep reading, learning and writing to bring forth your unique brilliance once again.

What other suggestions can you offer non-writing folks?  Do you have a favorite trick or tip you can share with the group?  

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